trivia quiz

On different sites I’ve notice one might have have a trivia quiz associated with ones book.  Someone forgot to tell me to think about this while I’m writing. I could have added all kinds of trivial …

This is a rough draft, but let me try a few questions here– see if they fit.

1. Town names like Braken Ridge, Anglowood, Centreton, and Steam Springs may tell you that Tinker’s Tale takes place in an alternate world’s version of this location. (Answer in the form of a question.)

2.  The Shaman of the tribe in the far north had another name for Elsbeth, what was it?

3.  In what part of the world did the wizard Vermillion gain his power?

4.  How many dragons has Kan Shin killed?

5.  What was in the ball pit which Sir Merrick fell into?

6.  What was the last test before the knights faced the wizard?  What were the ten ways?

7. Who actually saved the Queen?

I suppose the point is advertising.  If you see something interesting in the questions, you may choose to pursue the story–or, if reading a story becomes a pleasurable experience, maybe fostering a certain amount of connectedness, one will be more likely to want to read the next story.

Maybe I just think too much.



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