Back to work

I’m about to start work again for this year. You know, my day job. The way I finance my so called writing career. Also, I have access to human interaction on a basic level–middle school is so dramatic.

What do I do? I pack 40 to 60 students into an oversized aluminum can. Then I turn my back on them and drive in urban traffic. If something goes wrong my bus has two cameras, they can show it on the news while someone asks, “Where was the driver?”

Okay, it’s not that bad. I have a student view mirror and I use it. Students have their “tells”, what I like to call the “I’m about to do something stupid” look. I can anticipate some problems and be ready to stop the bus and deal with it–if need be.

If there’s ever a real problem, well, I may be an ex school bus driver.


About stephenb5jones

Husband of one. Fixer of things. Father of two. Writer. Missionary. Philosopher.
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One Response to Back to work

  1. tmso says:

    Awesome bus! If I was a middle school kid again, I’d do anything to ride in that bus. I might even behave. 🙂

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