It’s Here

Without major event or fanfare I’ve published a book. Elf Tales (And Other Psychotic Events) is now available on Smashwords with the option of being made available on other markets.
In two weeks the sample story was downloaded over 120 times, and was given a five star rating.
How different will a premium ebook be? I can look at my own ebook reader and tell you that the ratio of free to paid books is about 1/10.

Will I even do that good?

There’s no way to know. I’ve only just begun to advertise. I’ve ordered post cards with the book cover on them. I’ve mentioned the publication on face book. I’ve looked for people to read and review, and hopefully rate. I’ve been told to be patient. Ebooks have a long shelf life.

For the record: Elf Tales has been available for just over two days. There have been seven downloads of the sample–the first 20% of the book. One has been sold.

So far so good.


About stephenb5jones

Husband of one. Fixer of things. Father of two. Writer. Missionary. Philosopher.
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One Response to It’s Here

  1. tmso says:

    Here’s to many more sales! 🙂

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