Onward and Upward

So, after my adventures with Elf Tales; to date, there have been some 178 downloads of the free story: Fairies Don’t Flirt, and 2 downloads of the collection: Elf Tales (-also, 22 downloads of the sample chapters, which does give me hope).
Now I’ve uploaded a sample story for the next set of stories. The sample is Apologia, and can be found at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/154868 And in two weeks +-, Space: Time: and Other Improbabilities will be posted.
Watch this space.


About stephenb5jones

Husband of one. Fixer of things. Father of two. Writer. Missionary. Philosopher.
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One Response to Onward and Upward

  1. It looks like two weeks really means sometime hopefully in a month or so. At the moment I am waiting, as patiently as I can, for my editor to finish with Space: Time:
    Time seems to be expanding beyond my control….

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