GoF cover

Yesterday I met with the photographer and model and by the time it was all over, I had my cover picture.  I’m sure it helps that I like the photographer and we get along well, and we had the nicest model ever, she did an outstanding job.  The whole experience was just too cool…  and then there’s the picture.  It truly is worth it to have a professional photo for my book.  I’m tempted to post it here, but I think I will wait.

The final draft of A Gift of Fire is in good form, and it will take a few days to add the verbiage to the image–half of that will be building up the nerve to actually do something so intrusive to such a beautiful image.  I believe the next post here will announce my e-publication.

Hold on to something.


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Husband of one. Fixer of things. Father of two. Writer. Missionary. Philosopher.
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One Response to GoF cover

  1. N. E. White says:

    That’s so awesome! I look forward to the cover and the book. 🙂

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