Soundtrack for GoF

After much discussion, I thought it might not hurt to actually post a list of the songs which, in my mind, connect with the story of A Gift of Fire, along with links, of course.  My ebook reader is set up so that I can listen to music as I read, a feature I’m known to take advantage of.  For that matter, I often listen to music as I write.  So, for what it is worth, here are songs for GoF:
Return to Sender
I like this album, and it would make a good soundtrack to the story, but I would say these songs especially–
* Jericho
* Dawning
* The Hope Still Remains (This would be the perfect end-credit song)
Epic Soul Factory
Vol 2
Again, the entire album is worthwhile and well worth the cost to download.  For the purposes of this story I would direct your attention to:

* Dreamer (This would be my choice as theme song)
* Extinction
* Lighting Soul

Both of these sites allow you to listen to the songs.

Also, if you know of other songs which fit the story, let me know.




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